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A film by Stacey Tenenbaum

Discover the vast and strangely beautiful places where things go to die and meet the people who collect, restore, and recycle the world's scrap. SCRAP scratches beneath flaking paint and rusting metal to reveal the beauty and pathos in the ugliness we leave behind.


SCRAP is a love letter to the things we use in our daily lives. This cinematic documentary tells the story of people who each have a deep connection to objects that have reached their 'end of life'. Together these stories convey a deeper environmental and human message about our relationship to things, the sadness we feel at their eventual loss, and the joy that we can find in giving them a new purpose. Things, like people, show a certain beauty in their old age. Like us, they carry the weight of their history and the markings and scars accumulated through their lifespan. With the loss of these objects, we are also losing parts of our history and the cultural memory which they embody. By showing discarded goods in a new and engaging way, the film raises awareness about the fate of the things we use and explores how artists, and other creative thinkers, can be part of finding usefulness in the things we discard.


Dean Lewis, Owner, Old Car City

Tchely Hyung-Chul Shin, ShinsLab Architecture

John Lopez, Sculptor and Owner of The Kokamo Inn

Saumya Khandewal, Photographer

Tony Inglis, Unicorn Restorations

Ed Metka, Vintage Electric Streetcar Co.

Dean Lewis is the owner and creative mastermind behind Old Car City in White, Georgia. Dean grew up in a junkyard which was started by his parents in the1930s to sell used cars and parts. He decided to turn the car scrap business into a car museum and living art piece, where people can experience nature and photograph the old cars. Dean’s collection includes over 4400 historic cars spread out over 35 acres of land.

Director's statement

I am fascinated by things that are old and carry their history and am nostalgic for a time when life was slower, and things were made by hand and built to last. It was this nostalgia that I wanted to capture in Scrap. I made the film to show the strange beauty of objects that have reached their 'end of life' and to get people thinking about what happens to things like planes, ships, and phonebooths when they have outlived their use. While we are now conscious of the need to recycle things in our homes, few people think about what happens to larger items we use in our daily lives. Governments and corporations must dispose of tons and tons of material each year - a recycling and/or disposal challenge chich can have global implications. The two main drivers of our waste problem are overconsumption and disposable culture. Things are made cheaply to be used and thrown away. Obsolescence is built into products and consumers are encouraged to upgrade rather than fix. The move away from mechanical objects to increasingly computerized items, makes repair and recycling more difficult - and more toxic. To compound the problem, we are losing the instinct and ability to repair. These skills have been lost often within as little as one generation. And those who can still repair are being stymied by large corporations that are making it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to repair everything from cell phones to washing machines to farm equipment. People are aware of the need to recycle, but recycling is a band-aid solution which does nothing to address the root causes of this problem. By showing the fate of objects in the film I hope to open a discussion about how we can change our production and consumption habits to extend the lifecycle of the things we use.

Stacey Tenenbaum

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Hot Docs Cinema, Toronto

Sun, Oct. 16 / 11am

Sun, Oct. 16 / 4pm

Thurs, Oct. 20 / 7pm

Metro Cinema, Edmonton

Mon, Oct 17 / 7pm

Sat, Oct 22 / 3:30pm

Cinema du Parc, Montreal

Oct 17, 18, 19 at 7pm

Bytowne Cinema, Ottawa

Oct 17 - 6:45pm

Oct 20 - 4pm

Sudbury Indie Cinema

Oct. 16 - 4pm

Oct 18 - 2pm

Oct 20 - 1:30pm

Roxy Theatre, Saskatoon, SK

Oct 15 @ 2pm

Oct 16 @ 2pm and 7pm

Plaza Theatre, Calgary

Sat, Oct 15 / 2pm

Tues, Oct 18 / 6:30pm

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